3M™ Cuno™EF-EG-EGS Series Self Cleaning Metal Edge Filter Assemblies

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  • Cleanable, reusable design
  • Positive cleaning action minimizes interruption of flow or service
  • Rugged all-metal construction can handle highly viscous fluids
  • Economical solution to long term filtration needs

CUNO™ Self-Cleaning Metal Filter Cartridges provide a positive cleaning action, minimizing interruption to service flow. They do not require regular changeout and disposal, thereby reducing the operating costs associated with disposable filter cartridges.

Each CUNO™ Self Cleaning Metal Filter Cartridge is composed of a stack of alternating metal discs and spacers of uniform thickness, assembled on a rotatable metal shaft. The thickness of the spacer determines the degree of filtration. The self-cleaning filter does not incur the disposal costs, as well as maintenance labor and process down-time associated with changing out disposable filter cartridges.

The cartridges are available in a wide variety of sizes as replacement items for CUNO™ Self Cleaning Metal Filters. The specific cartridge design, material of construction, and filtration spacing will depend upon the process application and filter model.

CUNO™ Self Cleaning Metal Filters function by having a fluid pass through the gaps between a series of discs. Periodically, the discs are “combed” of the particles capture by rotating the discs through cleaner blades incorporated in the cartridge. The particles collect in the bottom sump for draining out as needed. Due to the metal-to-metal contact, the fluid being processed should have some lubricity (i.e. oils, grease, chocolate).

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