3M™ BetaPure™ PK Series Filter Elements

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3M™ Purification BetaPure™ PK Series Filter Cartridges Elements
  • Filters are absolute rated for reproducible effluent quality throughout the filter’s life
  • Grooved surface with true graded-porosity structure increases media surface area
  • No metal or plastic cores for easy shredding
  • Compatible in wide range of fluids in oil & gas applications

Betapure™ PK Series Filter Cartridges are constructed of cellulose fibers, glass fibers, and a chemically resistant thermosetting resin to produce a durable, rigid filter structure. Our standard 2 5/8″ outside diameter cartridges are grooved to significantly increase the surface area and extend service life. These filter cartridges are compatible in wide range of fluids for oil & gas applications.

An un-grooved, smooth-surface Betapure PK series filter is available in the same lengths, from 9 3/4″ to 40″, and absolute ratings from 10 to 60 microns as the grooved version. In addition to the standard style, the Betapure PK Series Filter Cartridge 336 Style is available in a 3-inch outside diameter in lengths up to 72″ and the same absolute ratings as the standard diameter Betapure PK series cartridge. Betapure™ PK series filter cartridges feature a true graded-porosity structure through a manufacturing process that results in a progressively denser center core region creating a graded-porosity structure. Each fiber is locked in place by a thermosetting resin binder to create a rigid depth filter matrix that traps larger particles near the outer surface and smaller particles near the inside diameter. The overall effect can greatly improve cartridge service life by retaining particles and deformable contaminants in decreasing particle size ranges as the contaminant particles progress through the cartridge.

We offer a wide range of end-treatments to allow Betapure PK series filter cartridges to easily retrofit installed filter housings. Standard diameter industrial Betapure PK series filter cartridges include polyethylene foam gaskets for positive sealing in double open-end housings. 3M Purification, Inc. offers cartridges in the single open-end style that employ integral polypropylene caps and springs, so that separate spring and seal assemblies are not required.

In the Groove

We also use an optimized groove pattern in various Betapure™ PK series filter cartridge models to increase the surface area by over 65% when compared to un-grooved cylindrical cartridges. The grooved surface prevents premature blinding of the outer surface by large particles and allows full utilization of the depth structure. Maximum surface area with a true graded-porosity structure means that Betapure PK series filter cartridges can give you greater service life than standard, un-grooved cartridges. Betapure™ PK series absolute-rated filters provide long on-stream service life to reduce downtime and maintenance and consistent filtration efficiency (Beta-Rated Performance) throughout the entire operation and lower total filtration costs.


Natural Gas Processing

  • Amine Sweetening
  • Glycol Dehydration
  • Compressor lube oil systems
  • Fuel Gas


  • Amine plant systems
  • Hydrotreating
  • Catalytic reforming
  • Sour water stripping

Betapure™ PK series filters also provide beneficial filtration in waterflood, well production, enhanced oil recovery and lube oil applications. Our rigid structure requires no metal or plastic cores of these filters.

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