3M™ BetaFine™ PPG Series Filter Elements

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3M™ BetaFine™ PPG Series Purification’s Filter Polypropylene Cartridge Elements
  • Advanced Pleat Technology construction for extremely high surface area – higher product throughputs for extraordinarily long service life. Lower total filtration operating costs. Lower pressure drops for higher flow rates
  • Absolute-rated filter performance – consistent and reproducible contaminant removal. Higher product quality and yields
  • Graded-density multi-layer filter media – selective entrapment of contaminant throughout the filter media to maximise filter life. Higher contaminant holding capacity
  • Polypropylene cartridge components free of adhesives and surfactants – very low extractable levels for optimum filtrate purity. Broad chemical compatibility for most aggressive process applications
  • 100% integrity tested versions available – pre-qualification and assurance in critical applications. Suitable for final filtration in many applications
  • Robust polypropylene cartridge construction – extends service life and compatible with a wide range of solvents and cleaning solutions

Our Polypropylene pleated graded-density filter cartridges featuring APT Construction for Extended Filter Lifetime 3M Purification’s Betafine PBG Series filter cartridge, formerly known as PolyPro XL, represents a major advance in pleated polypropylene filter design and performance.

Our Advanced Pleat Technology (APT) construction combines: • Up to 50% more filter media (surface area) than competitive filters • Graded-density media for optimum contaminant holding • New cartridge design for increased flow and reduced pressure drop The result is a filter cartridge that lasts longer, performs better and saves money Our Betafine PBG Series filters for food and beverage applications are available in the following versions: • Model PEG: without stainless steel insert • Model PBG: with stainless steel insert • Model PTG: with factory certified integrity testing • Model PBP: (multi-layers) for final filtration or for membrane protection The APT Advantage Surface area dictates just how long a filter will last and how it will perform. However, increasing surface area without considering the flow path between the media’s pleats could result in flow restrictions and early media blinding. To achieve the optimum between surface area and performance, 3M Purification has designed Betafine PBG Series so that our pleating process and media support materials work together to provide enhanced flow characteristics and longer service life.

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