3M™ BetaFine™ PBG Series Filter Elements

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3M™ BetaFine™ PBG Series Replacement Filter Cartridges Elements
  • Absolute rated filter performance
  • Graded-porosity multi-layer filter media captures contaminant throughout the filter media to help maximize filter life
  • Broad compatibility with solvents and cleaning solutions

The Betafine™ PBG Series Filter Cartridge is an absolute-rated, graded-porosity 100% polypropylene pleated filter cartridge that features Advanced Pleat Technology (APT). APT increases the usable filtration service area while maintaining standard industrial cartridge dimensions.

The Betafine™ PBG Series Filter Cartridge has a variety of applications — cleaning fluids, solvent streams, food fermentation, air and gas pre-filtration, as well as final filtration processes. Our filter cartridge is constructed of FDA CFR-21 listed material. Betafine PBG series filter cartridges are available in a range of absolute micron ratings, from 0.2 to 10 microns. Proper use of our Betafine PBG Series Filter Cartridges reduces undesirable turbidity and haziness that could adversely affect the color, taste and overall quality of beverages.


  • Prefiltration before final membrane filtration
  • Final product clarification
  • Food fermentation feeds, intermediates and fermentation clarification
  • Blending water filtration
  • Cleaning fluids
  • Solvent streams
  • Air and gas prefiltration and final filtration
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