3M™ 740 Series Filter Element

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3M™ 720 and 740 Series High Flow Filter Elements and Cartridges
  • Compound Radial Pleat Design offers high contaminant capacity
  • 3M Microfiber Filtration Media offers high particle reduction efficiency throughout the service life of the filter
  • No special tools or hardware required for filter change-out

3M™ 740 Series Filter Cartridges are used in applications with high contaminant reduction requirements. Our high efficiency, outside-to-inside flow direction with large diameter, pleated media permits high flow rates.

Our 740 series cartridges are used in filter housings that accept 6.5 inch/165 mm outside diameter, 40 inch/1016 mm length filter cartridges with 226 o-ring connections. Polypropylene microfiber forms the basis of the filtration media we use in the 740 series filter cartridges. Our manufacturing processes allow for tightly controlled specifications resulting in a filter media with consistent and predictable particle retention characteristics. We offer 740 series cartridges in micron ratings ranging from 1 to 70 microns (@ 99.9% Particle Removal Efficiency). Polypropylene provides broad chemical compatibility for use in a variety of applications.

We produce 740 series cartridges in two configurations – “B” and “K.” The “B” versions contain the maximum amount of filter media surface area for those applications where high contaminant holding capacity is needed. The “K” versions contain an optimized amount of filter media surface area (60% – 70% of ‘B” versions) for those applications that benefit from a low unit cost filter design. In “B” and “K” versions, the microfiber media is pleated in a compound radial design that optimizes the usable surface area of the filter cartridges. The 740 series cartridges also incorporate polypropylene end caps, outer sleeves and cores to protect the pleat structure and provide durability. A double o-ring seal helps reduce the risk of fluid bypass.


  • Process Waters (pre-RO, Cooling)
  • Machine Coolants
  • Chemicals
  • Refining (Amine, Final Product)
  • Groundwater, Reclaimed Water, Waste Waters
  • Well Injection & Produced Waters
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