3M™ 720 Series Filter Element

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3M™ 720 and 740 Series High Flow Filter Elements and Cartridges
  • Constructed of melt blown polypropylene microfiber filter media
  • Designed to fit in a standard bag filter housing (vessel needs to be reversed plumbed)
  • Radial Pleat Design offers high surface area in a single cartridge
  • Reusable o-ring seal

3M™ 720 Series Filter Cartridges are designed for outside-to-inside flow direction, in a large diameter filter featuring depth media in a radial pleat.

Our 3M™ 720 Series High Flow filter cartridges are designed to fit into standard bag filter housing (7 inch/18cm outer diameter, 28 inch/71cm length). The 3M 720 Series cartridge incorporates 3M’s radial pleat geometry, and is designed to fit in a standard bag filter housing (vessel needs to be reversed plumbed). 3M polypropylene microfiber forms the basis of the filtration media we use in the 3M™ 720 Series filter cartridges.

We offer 3M 720 Series cartridges in micron grades ranging from 1 to 20 microns (@ 99.9% Particle Removal Efficiency). The micron ratings are as follows: Model 723A is 2 micron, Model 724A is 5 micron, Model 725A is 10 micron, and Model 726A is 20 micron.

The 3M 720 Series cartridges also incorporates polypropylene end caps, outer sleeves and cores to protect the pleat structure and provide durability. A double O-ring seal helps reduce the risk of fluid bypass.

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