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Convert standard 6"x18" and 6"x36" style elements to Hydac Stat-Free elements with the same form, fit and function.  Hydac Stat-Free elements combine superior filtration performance, extended service life and innovative anti-static media technology.

Lower Price and Satifaction Guaranteed

Convert your turbine lube oil or hydraulic fluid filters to Hydac Stat-Free elements and PowerFlow Guarantees your satisfaction.  We will beat your current price for any comparable product while meeting or exceeding its performance.  Make this risk-free choice today.

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The Concern with Static Discharge in Lube Oil and Hydraulic Fluid Systems

When hydraulic and lube oils travel at a high velocity through the micron-sized pores of today’s filters, the fluid and the media pack can interact, developing electrostatic charges in both.  Since the system is unable to neutralize this charge, it builds and eventually sparks.  At the point of discharge, temperatures can be very high which results in the breakdown of the lubrication fluid and whatever additives may be present.  Surface varnish, particulate and sludge deposits develop.

Additional risks:
•  Burn holes in the filter media result in loss of efficiency
•  Failure of cooler units at the point of discharge
•  Destruction of electronics from the arcing of electromagnetic waves in the system
•  System performance degradation from the introduction of aging byproducts
•  Risk of fire in the reservoir due to air/oil mixture and ignition source

Filters Damaged by Electrostatic Discharge
Filters Damaged by Electrostatic Discharge

The Proof

This video demonstrates electrostatic discharge in a hydraulic filter.  The filter on the left is a standard filter element.  The filter on the right is Hydac Stat-Free element.  Note that there is no arcing in the filter housing with the Stat-Free element.

hydac(white outline)_lrg

The HYDAC Solution
HYDAC combines metallic or carbon impregnated end caps and support tubes with specially designed layers of hybrid filter media.  This proprietary design minimizes the generation of charges in both the filter element and the oil/fluid.  The result is elimination of arcing in the filter.  It also reduces charge accumulation in the oil/fluid.  This prevents arcing at other locations in the system, such as the coolers, tanks, valves and other close-tolerance components.  Stat-Free elements are interchangeable with our current element line and most other brands of elements with standard or anti-static media.


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