UV Disinfection and Dechlorination

PowerFlow and Aquionics share the common objective of improving our customers' performance metrics with innovative, clean and simple products to operate and maintain.  Disinfecting and dechlorinating water with innovative UV systems is a good example.  Using ultraviolet (UV) light can minimize or eliminate chemicals like chlorine, sodium metabisulfite, biocides and algicides.  It's also possible to decommission complex systems like GAC beds with a UV system that offers a lower total cost of ownership.   

A Powerful Partnership

Although commercialized for over 100 years, water disinfection with ultraviolet light was not adopted widely by the industrial community at first. Technological leaders like Aquionics helped evolve commercial UV systems into effective and economical industrial water treatment solutions.

A UV system should integrate seamlessly into the industrial process or utility system for which it is designed.  Engineering UV solutions that provide the best form, fit and function for the job, while delivering proven performance and energy efficiency is what we do best.  As an authorized representative for Aquionics, we work closely with water treatment specialists and engineers to design and build UV systems that meet our customer's project objectives. 

Aquionic Family

Aquionics manufactures several different housing configurations and lamp types Including: 

▪ Full range of low-pressure and
  medium-pressure UV systems

▪ Inline, U-shape and S-shape design

▪ Single lamp horizontal or vertical
  installation (low-pressure)

With these options, systems can be designed to fit in a specified space.  Often a single housing, ballast and control module can be used in an application where other UV designs would require a train of multiple systems.  As a manufacturer of UV lamps and systems Aquionics can truly optimize the whole process.

Aquionics UV Systems for Power Generation

Power generation plants can benefit significantly from UV water treatment technology.   Aquionics' medium pressure lamps emit broad spectrum wavelengths that disinfection and dechlorinate water.  The PurePower product line is specifically suited for boiler feedwater and potable water applications.  The specially designed ProLine WW IL system offers a cost effective approach to treating wastewater and other less critical applications. 

Aquionics PurePower PQ UV System

PurePower PQ IL

These systems are specifically engineered to provide third party bioassayed UV disinfection for process water used in power generation plants.  Third party certification ensures that the UV dose being produced will disinfect the water, eliminate harmful microorganisms (including veliger mussels) from cooling water, reduce RO membrane biofouling, and protect critical water circuits.

Each PurePower PQ IL system comes with a certified dry UV sensor for performance verification. The UV sensor measures the germicidal output and displays the UV dose. This simplifies performance monitoring and logging. The control system is also capable of receiving flow and transmittance data from sensors.  This data is used to calculate the UV dose based on real time operating conditions.

Aquionics PurePower UV System

PurePower DC PH

PurePower DC PH systems deliver guaranteed high UV doses that have proven to dissociate free chlorine.  Replacing a maintenance intensive GAC bed with a PurePower DC PH system eliminates the hassle and maintenance associated with backwashing, steam cleaning and carbon replacement.  Removing sodium metabilsulfite (SMB) from your water treatment plant reduces environmental, safety and regulatory issues while eliminating the food source for microbes that can severely foul RO membranes.


ProLine WW IL

ProLine WW IL systems for UV treatment of waste water are
designed for low UVT applications and can be deployed after clarifiers, sand filters and membranes. With increasing urbanization and water stress, the need for tertiary treatment and disinfection of waste water is growing, particularly for discharge to sensitive environments. UV is a proven alternative to chlorination , avoiding the generation of potentially harmful by-products. Aquionics' ProLine WW IL product line offers compact medium pressure lamp systems and are intended as a cost-effective treatment for less critical applications where there is no risk to people or the food chain.