Solberg WL Series Medium/High Vacuum Filters

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Solberg’s WL Series Vacuum Filters are designed for a variety of industrial and semiconductor processes where rapid thermal and/or pressure cycles create harsh operating conditions. Ideal for medium-high vacuum applications that utilize vacuum furnaces or deposition tools, the WL series comes standard with a variety of vacuum rated flange options and replaceable filter elements that offer superior protection and longevity for the vacuum system. Housings in this series are 100% helium leak tested to ensure vacuum integrity and verify leak rates down to 1x 10-5 mbar/l/s.


NW16 – NW40 Flange Connections:

  • ISO flange connections
  • ○ Stainless steel ISO flange
    ○ Buna o-ring sealed
  • Seamless drawn housings
  • Corrosive resistant carbon steel construction
  • Powder coat finish (black models)
  • O-ring housing seal
  • Stainless steel torsion clips

K100 – K320 Connections:

  • ISO-K stainless steel flanges standard
  • Machined flange surface to RMS63, uncoated
  • High quality vacuum service components
  • Corrosive resistant black powder coat carbon steel
  • KF10 differential ports for accurate vacuum ΔP readings
  • Machined & polished sealing surfaces on ISO flange faces for reliable vacuum performance on all flange types
  • K200 housings and larger have domed lid to minimize deflection and increase durability

Technical Specifications

  • Rated vacuum leak rate of 1×10-5 mbar/l/sec or better (verified by helium leak test)
  • Temp (continuous): min -15°F (-26°C) max 220°F (104°C)
  • Filter change out differential: 28 – 37 Torr over initial ΔP
  • Polyester: 99%+ efficiency to 5 micron


NW16 – NW40 Flange Connections:

  • Contact factory for larger sizes & ISO flanges
  • Viton seals
  • Stainless steel (select models)
  • Activated alumina, activated zeolite media available for foreline trap and other applications

K100 – K320 Connections:

  • Filter media options available to meet strict process requirements: PTFE, PTFE Glass, SS mesh, and more
  • If required, tanks can be tested to a lower leak rate

Spec Sheets:

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