Pall Claris Series Melt Blown Filter Elements

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Pall Claris Series Melt Blown Replacement Filter Elements

Pall Claris filter elements are general purpose melt blown depth filters that deliver consistent, reliable filtration at the lowest possible cost. Multiple fiber zones created by a proprietary and highly automated melt-blowing process result in a consistent and graded pore structure. The different pore sizes allow for the efficient capture of various sized particles and maximum usage of the filter’s depth. An innovative extruded core provides a low-cost alternative to molded cores, without compromising filter strength or media depth. Combined, these features provide long life, less filter change-outs, and the most cost-efficient solution for general particle reduction applications within the food and beverage industry. Models include but not limited to: CLR1-20, CLR1-30, CLR1-40, CLR5-20, CLR5-30, CLR5-40

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