3M™ LifeAssure™ BLA Series Filter Elements

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3M™ LifeAssure™ BDA, BLA & BNA Series Filter Membrane and Cartridge Elements
  • Multi-zone, microporous Nylon 6,6 membrane filtration, available in 0.2 to 0.8 micron range for protection of final membrane filter cartridges
  • Advanced Pleat Technology (APT) construction provides extremely high surface area for higher throughputs
  • 100% Integrity tested in manufacturing and in situ for proper installation and operation
  • Made with FDA CFR-21 compliant materials

LifeASSURE™ BLA Series Filter Cartridges are ideal for pre-filtration and clarification for food and beverage applications. Our BLA series prefilters help protect and extend final filter service life, decrease change-outs, and reduce effluent microorganism content.
LifeASSURE™ BLA Series Filter Cartridges offer high performance as either final filters for spoilage organism removal, or as a pre-filter. In prefiltration, they are effective in prolonging the service life of LifeASSURE™ BA, BNA and BDA final filters and help protect other downstream membrane filters.

In manufacturing LifeASSURE BLA series filter cartridges we encompass two leading-edge processes, multi-zone microporous membrane manufacture and our Advanced Pleat Technology (APT) construction. This technology maximizes the useful surface area of the filter and maintains proper flow paths between media pleats. By employing more effective surface area, LifeASSURE BLA series filter cartridges provide low pressure drops and a long service life. Our filters are ideally suited to meet a wide range of filtration and clarification requirements in the beverage industry. As a result of their high-performance and long service life, LifeASSURE BLA series filter cartridges help lower related operational costs.

Significant Micro-Organism Reduction Is the Key

For effective filtration and clarification of beverages, micro-organism reduction is a crucial outcome needed from economical, reliable filter systems. In tests with Brevundimonas diminuta, LifeASSURE BLA™ series 020 grade filters exhibited an average log reduction value (LRV)* of 7.3 and the LifeASSURE BLA series 045 grade filters exhibited an average LRV of 3.5.

To meet a wide range of needs, we provide an array of BLA series filter choices. When selecting your LifeASSURE series filter, consider the following criteria:

  • The nature of the fluid
  • The particulate/colloid content of the fluid
  • The amount of pretreatment or clarification of the fluid
  • The rating of any downstream membrane filter being protected
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