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Peace of Mind with Pall HLP Oil Purifiers

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 OilSafe Announcement:  PowerFlow is now a full line, full service distributor for OilSafe.  OilSafe provides a wide range of “best practice”, fully integrated fluid storage, handling and containment solutions. The 2016 Catalog is now available. Please click here  for more information about the system.


Tech Tips

Improper Use of Draft ASTM MPC Procedure for fluids other than mineral based turbine lube oils.


Improper Use of ASTM Work Document




PowerFlow Products

PowerFlow manufactures a complete line of fluid systems including filtration equipment, hydraulic power units, lubrication systems, chemical injection systems, blower packages, fluid transfer systems and more. While we offer many standard configurations and types of systems, many of our products are custom engineered to meet specific customer criteria.

All PowerFlow systems are designed, engineered and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our design and engineering staff work closely with our customers to ensure that the product meets or exceeds all expectations. We offer products to satisfy particular application requirements, not just provide a packaged system and expect the customer to “make it work”.

Using only Pall® filtration technology enables us to offer the best possible filtration solution for virtually any application.

Our understanding of the power generation industry and the unique application needs associated is second to none.

Do not hesitate to contact PowerFlow for any of your fluid system requirements.

Applications Include:

  • Turbine Lube Oil Conditioning S ystems
  • Boiler Feed Pump Lube Oil Conditioning Systems
  • EHC (Phosphate Ester) Treatment & Filtration Systems
  • Coal Mill (High Viscosity Oil) Conditioning Systems
  • Auxiliary Application (ID, FD & PA Fans) Filtration Systems
  • ID, FD & PA Fan Complete Lubrication Systems
  • Hydrogen Seal Oil Filtration Systems
  • Vapor Extractor / Mist Eliminator Systems
  • Portable Filtration & Conditioning Systems
  • Bulk Oil Transfer, Conditioning & Reclamation Systems
  • Automatic Lubrication Systems for Grease & Oil Lube Points
  • Liquid & Gas Fuel Conditioning Systems
  • Compressed Air Systems – Including Air Purification Systems
  • Blower Packages – Fly Ash Handling
  • Transformer Oil Purification Systems
  • Load Tap Changer Filtration Systems
  • Insulating Oil Transfer, Conditioning & Reclamation Systems
  • Coal Handling Hydraulic Equipment Filtration Systems
  • High Velocity Flushing Pump Skids & Filtration Skids
  • Oil Heater Skids for Recirculation, Lube Oil Temperature Control
  • Hydraulic Power Units, Lube Oil Systems for Variety of Applications
  • Makeup Water Filtration Systems – Including Pre-RO / RO
  • Condensate Filtration & Treatment Systems
  • Water Filtration Systems – Including Inlet, Process, Potable & Discharge
Main turbine lube oil conditioning system for nuclear power plant incorporating mass transfer/vacuum dehydration, coalescence and varnish removal technologies.

Chlorine injection system for condenser cooling water.

Glycol Purification System

EHC Fluid Conditioning System Built for Nuclear Plant

Load Tap Changer Insulating Oil Filtration System