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Peace of Mind with Pall HLP Oil Purifiers

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Learn how Pall HLP oil purifiers will keep your turbine up and running with minimal effort. Unsurpassed reliability and peace of mind. Learn More







 OilSafe Announcement:  PowerFlow is now a full line, full service distributor for OilSafe.  OilSafe provides a wide range of “best practice”, fully integrated fluid storage, handling and containment solutions. The 2016 Catalog is now available. Please click here  for more information about the system.


Tech Tips

Improper Use of Draft ASTM MPC Procedure for fluids other than mineral based turbine lube oils.


Improper Use of ASTM Work Document




Pall Power Generation

PowerFlow represents the industry’s leading manufacturers of filtration, pumps, valves, controls, heat exchangers, diagnostics, instrumentation and other fluid system related products

PALLAt the core of our business is filtration and separation technology. PowerFlow proudly represents the world’s leader in such technology, Pall Corporation.

Power Generation Solutions

Purifying water, oils and gases in every stage of the power cycle

Maximize your equipment reliability and power output while reducing outage times and operational costs – it’s easy with Pall Corporation at your side! Whether power is produced from fossil, nuclear, or renewable sources, customers around the world rely on Pall products to purify water, oils, and gases in every stage of the power cycle.

Pall– the global leader in providing filtration and separation products and services for the Power Generation industry

The high-performance Pall Aria™ system and other advanced Pall micro- and ultrafiltration technologies including Ultipleat® High Flow filters are designed to optimize critical processes for all power plant water.

A Worldwide Partner for Fluid Management

Pall’s unique program of fully integrated scientific and engineering services, along with filtration and separations products and systems specially designed for use in power plants, enable us to build a customized solution to meet your needs anywhere in the world.

Filtration and Separation Product Applications

Lube, Hydraulics and Fuels

  • Filter Elements

    Pall filter elements have long provided unsurpassed performance and lowest total cost of ownership. This is one of the major reasons they have been specified by every major turbine OEM in the world. All elements are designed and performance rated to the latest industry standards.

  • Pall Ultipleat® SRT

    Hydraulic and lube elements combine an innovative pack design and stress resistant media technology to provide the greatest overall performance and value.

  • Pall Ultipor III

    High performance elements incorporate state of the art design technology, including a unique patented “helical wrap” pleat support system and composite element structure.

  • Pall Ultipor SRT

    Elements utilize Pall’s SRT (stress resistant technology) media to provide unsurpassed performance and value in a typical inside to outside flow configuration.

  • Filter Housings

    Pall’s extensive filter housing product offering includes high pressure, medium pressure, in tank, simplex, duplex, manifold mounted, etc. Within each category, we offer several options and accessories to allow application specific customization.

  • ASME

    Designed, manufactured and stamped in accordance with BPVC Section VIII Div I.

  • Ultipleat SRT

    Simplex or Duplex designs for pressure, return, in tank.

  • Ultipor III

    Simplex or Duplex designs for pressure, return, in tank.

  • Monitoring

    Particle counters, monitors and water sensors. Pallscope Fluid Analysis Service provides a comprehensive fluid analysis report including particle counts, photomicrograph, elemental analysis, water content, TAN and viscosity.

  • Oil Purifiers

    With a design based on over 30 years of actual field experience, the Pall HLP series oil purifiers combine the water removal performance of mass transfer purifiers with high reliability and ease of use to help ensure maximum up-time at the lowest total cost of ownership.

  • Phosphate Ester Treatment

    Solutions for the control and maintenance of TAN and resistivity. Prevent servo valve failures, unscheduled trips, flushes, fluid replacement.

  • Varnish Removal and Remediation Systems

    The Pall VRF and Sentry varnish removal systems will effectively and efficiently remove varnish forming material in turbine lube oil systems. Combined with Pall’s SRT filtration technology, we are able to provide comprehensive, long term solution for the prevention and control of varnish.

Industrial Water and Condensate

  • Filter Elements and Housings

    Pall filter elements have long provided unsurpassed performance and lowest total cost of ownership. Applications include Pre RO, Condensate, Power Augmentation.

  • Water Treatment Systems

    Pall is a world leader in water treatment systems and has been a trusted supplier to municipalities, industries and government for over 60 years. They offer complete packaged microfiltration systems as well as fully integrated microfiltration/reverse osmosis systems tailored specifically to the power generation market.


  • Nuclear (NSSS)

    Pall offers advanced filtration solutions for the removal of contaminants from water and hydraulic fluids in nuclear power plants.