New Product – Liqui-Cel® Degasification Contactors


PowerFlow Announces North Central Expansion


Introducing Kelvion’s Power Portfolio


New Atlantium Announcement!

Atlantium Provides Chemical-free Disinfection & De-chlorination Solution to Support Cottonseed Processing Facility



Peace of Mind with Pall HLP Oil Purifiers

One hour a year to keep your turbine up!
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OilSafe Announcement:  PowerFlow is now a full line, full service distributor for OilSafe.  OilSafe provides a wide range of “best practice”, fully integrated fluid storage, handling and containment solutions. The 2016 Catalog is now available. Please click here  for more information about the system.



Atlantium Announcement: Representing A New Chemical-Free Dechlorination Treatment Approach

Furthering our effort to continuously provide our clients in the power generation market with the best technical solutions to meet their process water needs, PowerFlow Fluid Systems is pleased to announce our exclusive representation of the Atlantium Hydro-Optic™ (HOD) ultraviolet technology for use as a chemical-free dechlorination approach. 

Power generation applications looking to replace the use of GAC filters or chemical neutralization systems (sodium bisulfite or sodium metabisulfite) and achieve a chemical-free dechlorination process will benefit from using a physical process such as the HOD UV technology.

HOD UV treatment allows for a dechlorination treatment approach that eliminates the handling, storage and operational requirements of chemical disinfection solutions. The efficacy of the HOD UV technology, coupled with its specific operating principles and ease of use, allows for a unique chemical-free approach to dechlorinate and disinfect process water.

Click here to read more about this product

Tech Tips

Improper Use of Draft ASTM MPC Procedure for fluids other than mineral based turbine lube oils.


Improper Use of ASTM Work Document




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